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In order to facilitate Dr. Stockheim's patients and offer as fast a treatment as possible, patients who have visited the clinic in the past can book a new appointment using a computerized queue scheduling system.

Inbal 052 6656036
Dana 054 3195555 
Dr. Stockheim 054 6666488
To contact us by email and schedule an appointment

Dr. Stockheim's clinic is at:
Habarzel Street 9A, 3rd Floor, Tel Aviv
Parking is available at the Nehoshet Parking lot adjacent to the clinic. 

פרטי קשר

רחוב הברזל 9א' קומה 3, תל אביב

לקביעת תורים דנה 054-3195555
לד"ר שטוקהיים 052-6666488

הוראות חנייה - ניתן לחנות בחניון הנחושת הצמוד למרפאה. 

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